Restoring Self, Community & Country

Do you want to take regenerative action in the wake of the intense and devastating 2019/2020 fire season? Are you ready to step up and bring your gifts forward in service to our beautiful country?

We are offering a pathway for women to gather together in circle, support one another, build resilience, and restore country by planting trees locally and participating in other local ecosystem restoration actions. The project is called Humans4Habitat!

TreeSisters Australia, The School of Shamanic Womancraft and Red Tent Australia (each of whom have networks of women of all ages who care about country, that together span much of Australia), are working together to invite women within our networks into this local planting response. Our collaboration gives the project much greater reach and potential impact, encourages connection between our groups, and fosters greater resilience in our communities. We’re really excited to be co-creating in this groundbreaking way!


The aims of Humans4Habitat include fostering local community support for forests, building local resilience in communities, planting trees and helping to restore ecosystems, educating communities about the importance of trees/forests, nourishing existing circles of women, bringing treesisters, practitioners of Shamanic Womancraft, Red Tent Australia leaders, and their friends together for the trees, birthing new women’s circles, locally supporting women into leadership around their local environment and much more.

Read the detailed project outline here.

The project stages are:

First tend to self. Share thoughts and feelings about the fires and their impact in circle - be heard, be held, be nourished.

Then tend to country. Lead action for the trees by:
  1. Reaching out to the local indigenous community with a view to cultivating long term relationships, and inviting participation and wisdom sharing around restoration of local forests/habitat - in whatever form that takes locally
  2. Contacting local Landcare group, catchment care group, or council to seek to join existing tree planting/ecosystem restoration activity; or
  3. Contacting local landholders, farmers and councils to source land to plant trees on
  4. Planting native, locally specific/appropriate (and where appropriate - fire retardant) trees
  5. Tending to, watering, weeding and ensuring the survival of those trees
  6. Reaching out to the community to help with planting/weeding/watering etc, ie. schools, CWA, Lions etc - bringing people together around the restoration of trees and Nature
Educate the local community about why trees matter.

Encourage women who want to, to step forward in leadership roles around the local environment.Volunteers from each of our organisations have stepped forward to support and encourage women who wish to participate.

All photos by Ursula Dutkiewicz

To get involved and restore both self, community and ecosystems in your area, please complete the form below and we will send project materials and resources as soon as they are ready.